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The Complete Herbalist or The People Their Own Physicians
by Dr. O. Phelps Brown. By the use of Nature's Remedies great curative properties found in the Herbal Kingdom are described. A New and Plain System of Hygienic Principles Together with Comprehensive Essays on Sexual Philosophy, Marriage, Divorce, Etc. 504 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-118-5.
$ 35.00
Health and Spiritual Healing
by Richard Lynch. Key to Health, Rhythm of Life and Health, Realizing the Perfect Body, Tree of Life and Health, How to Renew Your Consciousness, Individual Rebirth in Consciousness, Etc. 146 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-146-0.
$ 12.00
The Will to Be Well
By Charles Brodie Patterson. The Unity of Life, The Law of Attraction, Mental Influences, The Laws of Health, Spiritual Treatment, The Life of Power, The Way of Salvation, The Spirit of Praise, The Dawn of a New Age, Health of Mind and Body, Etc. 255 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-275-0.
$ 20.00
The Key to Magnetic Healing
by J.H. Strasser. The History & Theory of Magnetic Healing, Proof of Its Existence, Sources of it, Have all Persons Magnetic Power?, Mental Science, Mind and Magnetism, The Will Power, Mind over Matter, Passivity or Hypnotism, Why is Suggestion so Effective during Passivity?, To Find Hidden Objects, Hypnotizing at a Distance, Suggestion during Common Sleep, Suggestion during Waking State, Telepathy or Mind-Telegraphy, Can Magnetic Healing be Suppressed?, Unconscious Magnetic Healing, Treatment of the Different Diseases, Etc! 211 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0- 89540-213-0.
$ 16.00
The Finer Forces in Diagnosis and Therapy
by George Star White, M.D. Vital and Unseen Forces, Polarity, Cause of Un-Health, Colors, Magnetic Energy, The Sympathetic-Vagal Reflex, Actions of Finer Forces of Nature, The Human Aura, Moon-Light, Light and Sound, Treatment with Light and Color,etc. 231 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-080-4. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Medical Astrology
by Henrich Daath. Basic Elements, Anatomical Sign-Rulership, Planetary Powers and Principles, Biodynamic Actions of Planets, How the Planets Crystallise in Organic and Inorganic Life, Tonicity, Atonicity and Perversion, Zodiaco-Planetary Synopsis of Typical Diseases, The Sixth and Eight Houses, The Triplicities and Quadruplicities, Planetary Sympathy and Antipathy, Gauging Planetary Strengths in the Specific Horoscope, Application, Examples, Indications of Short Life. 108 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-195-9. (Inquire as to price and availability)
$ 0.00
Healing at a Distance
HEALING AT A DISTANCE by Fenwicke L. Holmes and Ernest S. Holmes. Healing at a Distance, No Real "Distance" in Spirit, The Nature of Spirit, Not Science, but Faith Essential, Telepathy, Co-operation With the Physician, Sending Out Thoughts, Etc. 22 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-341-2. (Inquire as to price and availability)
$ 0.00