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Auto-Suggestion: What It Is and How to Use It For Health, Happiness, and Success
by Herbert A. Parkyn. M.D., C.M. What it is and how to use it, Its effects and how to employ it to overcome physical & mental troubles, Influences of early auto-suggestions for the forming of the character habits, Auto-suggestion and personal magnetism, The cultivation of optimism, Developing concentration, The achievement of success, Breathing exercises, The diagnosis and treatment of a typical case of physical suffering, Auto-suggestion the basis of all healing, How psychic pictures are made realities by auto-suggestion, etc. 190 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0- 89540-199-1. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Christianity and Autosuggestion
by C. Harry Brooks and Rev. Ernest Charles. Autosuggestion and the Teachings of Christ, Faith and Autosuggestion. The Power Within, God and the Unconscious, Christian Specific Suggestion, Temptation, Etc. 158 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-198-3. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Emile Coue: The Man and His Work
by Hugh MacNaughten. Nancy or London, Coué at Eton, Coué in London, The Sub-Concious Self, On Some Stumbling Blocks, Coué in His Relation To Christianity, On "Everything for Nothing", M. Coué, Envoi. 52pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-230-0.
$ 7.50
The Great Pyramid
Its Construction, Symbolism, and Chronology by Basil Stewart. Construction and Astrological Features, Chart of World History, Missing Apex-stone, Who Built It? Plus Various Diagrams. 54 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-222-X.
$ 5.00
The Great Pyramid- Two Essays
Two Essays plus illustrations, one from The Reminder and the other from J.F. Rowney Press. Selections include: The Pyramid's Location and Constructional Features, Some of the Pyramid's Scientific Features, other Features of the Great Pyramid, Complete History of Mankind Represented in the Pyramid, The Shortening of Time, The Symbolism of the Passages and Chambers, Etc. 40 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-175-4.
$ 3.00
How to Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion
By Emile Coué, Preface by Charles Baudouin. Interviews of Patients, Examples of the Power of Suggestion and Autosuggestion, Suggestions: General and Special, Special Suggestions for Each Ailment, Advice to Patients, Lectures Delivered by Emile Coue‚ in America. 128 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-197-5.
$ 15.00
How to Read Character in Handwriting
by Mary H. Booth. Principles of Analysis and Deduction, Forming Impressions from the Handwriting, The Autograph Fad, Entertaining by Graphology, Graphology as a Profession, Index. 72 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-220-3.
$ 6.50
The Masculine Cross and Ancient Sex Worship
by Sha Rocco. Origin of the Cross, Emblems: Phallus, Triad, Vocabulary, Marks and Signs of the Triad, Yoni, Color of Gods, Fish and Good Friday, Tortoise, Earth Mother, Unity, Fourfold God, Meru, Religious Prostitution, Shaga, Communion Buns and Religious Cakes, Antiquity of the Cross, Crucifixion, Christna, Phallic and Sun Worship, The Phallus in California. 65 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-210-6.
$ 6.00
My Method
by Emile Coué. Autosuggestion Disconcerting in its Simplicity, Slaves of Suggestion and Masters of Ourselves, Dominance of the Imagination over the Will, The Moral Factor in all Disease, Don't Concentrate, How to Banish Pain, Psychic Culture as Necessary as Physical, Self-Mastery Means Health, Etc. 97 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-147-9.
$ 10.00
The Mysteries of Egypt
by Lewis Spence. Orgin and Philosophy of the Mysteries, Mysteries in Other Lands, The Ritual Rebirth and Reconstruction of the Mysteries, Illusion and Phantasmagoria, Temples and Sites, The Survival of the Mysteries, The Significance of Initiation. 285 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-239-4. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Patience Worth-Pyschic Mysteries
by Charles S. Yost. The Coming of Patience Worth, Nature of the Communications, Personality of Patience, The Poetry, The Prose, Conversations, Religion, The Ideas on Immortality. 290 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-308-0. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
The Principals of Occult Healing
Edited by Mary Weeks Burnett, M.D. Occult Healing and Occultism, Healing and the Healing Intelligence. The Indestructible Self, Latent Powers of Matter, The Auras and the Ethers, Polarization, Music, Healing by Prayer, Angel or Deva Helpers, Thought Forms and Color in Healing, Magnetism - Mesmerism, Healing Miracles of the Christ, Etc. 135 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-072-3.
$ 9.00
Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion
by Emile Coue. Self Mastery Through Autosuggestion, Thoughts and Precepts, What Autosuggestion Can Do, Education as it Ought to Be, A Survey of the "Seances", the Miracle Within, Everything for Everyone, Etc. 93 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-095-2.
$ 10.00
Visualization and Concentration: How to Choose a Career
By Fenwicke L. Holmes. The Creative Power of Mind, Metaphysics and Psychology, Mental Telepathy, Visualization and Dramatization, Concentration How to Choose a Career. 62 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-214-9. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
What is Occultisim?
by Papus. Occultism Defined, Occult Philosophical Point of View, Ethics of Occultism, Aesthetics of Occultism, Theodicy - Sociology, Practice of Occultism, The Traditions of Magic, Occultism and Philosophy. 104 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-073-1. (Not currently available. Sorry!)
$ 0.00