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Acres of Diamonds
By Russell H. Conwell. 71 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-418-4.ACRES OF DIAMONDS by Russell H. Conwell. Considered by many to be one of the finest speeches ever written, Acres of Diamonds is a lecture that Russell Conwell, founder of Temple University, delivered more than 6,000 times across the country.Through this lecture, Conwell debunks the idea that it is noble to be poor, an idea that far too many of us share. He illustrates that it is our duty as humans to use our gifts to honestly earn riches, because we can do more good with riches than without. 71 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-418-4.
$ 7.50
A Message to Garcia
By Elbert Hubbard. A Message to Garcia, The Boy from Missouri Valley, Help Yourself by Helping the House. "He was of big service to me in telling me the things I knew, but which I did not know I knew, until he told me." Thomas A. Edison. 50 pgs. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-305-6.
$ 5.50
As a Man Thinketh
By James Allen. The "number one" inspirational book of all time. Chapters include: Thought and Character, Effect of Thought on Circumstances, Effect of Thought on Health and the Body, Thought and Purpose, The Thought-Factor in Achievement, Visions and Ideals, Serenity. 88 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-136-3. (Also available in Spanish)
$ 7.50
Being and Becoming-The Principles and Practices of the Science of the Spirit
By Fenwicke L. Holmes. Part 1: The Impersonal Mind, Becoming, Allowing Mind to Act, Unconscious Activity, The Great Law of Mind, The Law of Correspondence. Part 2: The Personal Spirit, The Purpose of Spirit, The Motive - Love, Making Our Unity, Love - The Healing Power, etc. 50 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-263-7.
$ 5.00
Character Building Thought Power
CHARACTER BUILDING THOUGHT POWER by Ralph Waldo Trine. "Have we within our power to determine at all times what types of habits shall take form in our lives? In other words, is habit-forming, character-building, a matter of mere chance, or do we have it within our control?" 51 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-251-3. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Clairoyance and Clairaudience-Premonitions and Impressions
By Edward B. Warman, A.M. Clairvoyance or Telepathy, Does the Soul Leave the Body, A Word of Warning, Clairaudience, Premonitions and Impressions, A Premonition Foretold to Skeptics, Lincoln's Premonition, The "Still Small Voice." 51 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-284-X.
$ 5.00
Concentration and Meditation
CONCENTRATION AND MEDITATION by Christmas Humphreys. The Importance of Right Motive, Power of Thought, Dangers and Safeguards, Particular Exercises, Time, Place, Posture, Relaxation, Breathing, Thoughts, Counting the Breaths, Visualization and Color, Stillness, Motive, Self Analogy, Higher Meditation, The Voice of Mysticism, Jhanas, Zen, Satori, Koan, Ceremonial Magic, Taoism, Occultism, Mysticism, Theosophy, Yoga, The Noble Eightfold Path, Etc. 359 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0- 89540-068-5. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Eight Pillars of Prosperity
Discussion on Energy, Economy, Integrity, Systems, Sympathy, Sincerity, Impartiality, Self-reliance, and the Temple of Prosperity. 233 pgs. 5x8. Paperback ISBN: 0-89540-201-7. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Elements of Success
by Lily L. Allen. The Fine Art of Living, The Essential Ideal, The Survival of the Fittest, Thought - The Greatest Element in Success, Difficulties, Drawbacks, The Equal Mind, The Success Habit, Climbing to Success, etc. 136 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-446-X. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Emile Coue: The Man and His Work
by Hugh MacNaughten. Nancy or London, Coué at Eton, Coué in London, The Sub-Concious Self, On Some Stumbling Blocks, Coué in His Relation To Christianity, On "Everything for Nothing", M. Coué, Envoi. 52pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-230-0. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Every Living Creature or Heart Training Through the Animal World
EVERY LIVING CREATURE or Heart Training Through the Animal World by Ralph Waldo Trine. "The tender and humane passion in the human heart is too precious a quality to allow it to be hardened or effaced by practices such as we often indulge in." Ralph Waldo Trine. 50 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-309-9.
$ 5.00
Gems of Mysticism
By H.A and F.H. Curtiss. Spiritual Growth, Duty, Karma, Reincarnation, The Christ, Masters of Wisdom. 83 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 89540-143-6.
$ 10.00
The Greatest Thing Ever Known
THE GREATEST THING EVER KNOWN by Ralph Waldo Trine. The Greatest Thing Ever Known, Divine Energies in Every-Day Life, The Master's Great but Lost Gift, The Philosopher's Ripest Life Thought, Sustained in Peace and Safety Forever. 57 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-274-2. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
The Heart of the New Thought
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Let the Past Go, The Sowing of the Seed, Thought Force, Opulence and Eternity, Morning Influences, The Philosophy of Happiness, Common Sense, Heredity and Invincibility, The Object of Life, Wisdom and Self Conquest, Concentration and Destiny, The Breath, Generosity and Balance, Etc! 92 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-268-8.
$ 10.00
How to Get What You Want
HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT by Orison Swett Marden. How to Get What You Want, Discouragement a Disease, How to Cure It, The Force that Moves Mountains, Faith and Drugs, How to find oneself, How to Attract Prosperity, Heart-to-Heart Talks With Yourself, Etc. 331 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-335-8.
$ 30.00
How to Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion
By Emile Coué, Preface by Charles Baudouin. Interviews of Patients, Examples of the Power of Suggestion and Autosuggestion, Suggestions: General and Special, Special Suggestions for Each Ailment, Advice to Patients, Lectures Delivered by Emile Coue‚ in America. 128 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-197-5.
$ 15.00
The Inner Radiance
By H.A. & F.A. Curtiss. The Inner Radiance, Spiritual Co-operation, Man and the Zodiac, The Soul-Language, Transmigration, Cosmic Cause of World Conditions, Planetary and Karmic Factors, The Mystic Rose, The Lords of Karma, The Great Work, The Mystery of the Elements, The Third Eye, The Round Table, The Ancient Continents, Nature's Symbology. Etc. 369 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-149-5.
$ 32.00
In Tune With The Infinite
By Ralph Waldo Trine. A Message to My Readers, Prelude, The Supreme Fact of the Universe, The Supreme Fact of Human Life, Fullness of Life - Bodily Health and Vigor, The Secret Power and Effects of Love, Wisdom and Interior Illumination, The Realization of Perfect peace, Coming into Fullness of Power, Plenty of All Things - The Law of Prosperity, How Men Have Become Prophets, Seers, Sages, and Saviors, The Basic Principle of all Religions - The Universal Religion, Entering Now Into the Realization of the Highest Riches, Etc. 221 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-387-0. (ISBN-13: 978-0-89540-387-2).
$ 17.00
The Inner Man
By Hanna Hurnard. A Parable, The Inner Man, Communication with the Heavenly World, The Soul of the Inner Man, The Garments of the Soul, Soul Disease and Soul Healing, The Soul's Psychic Powers, The Mystic Way. 108 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-256-4.
$ 9.00
The Kingship of Self-Control
By William George Jordan. The Kingship of Self-Control, The Crimes of the Tongue, The Red Tape of Duty, The Supreme Charity of the World, Worry - The Great American Disease, The Greatness of Simplicity, Living Life Over Again, Syndicating Our Sorrows, The Revelations of Reserve Power. 64 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-419-2.
$ 7.50
The Knowledge That Brings Peace
By Lily L. Allen. Chapters include: The Knowledge That Brings Peace, The Law of the Increase of All Good, A New Order of Thought, A New Method of Thinking. 47 pages. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-455-9. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
The Majesty of Calmness
Table of Contents: The Majesty of Calmness, Hurry - The Sourge of America, The Power of Personal Influence, The Dignity of Self-Reliance, Failure As A Success, Doing Our Best At All Times, The Royal Road To Happiness. 63 pages. 5x8. ISBN: 0-89540-423-0.
$ 7.50
The Miracle of Right Thought
THE MIRACLE OF RIGHT THOUGHT by Orison Swett Marden. Working for One Thing and Expecting Something Else, Expect Great Things of Yourself, Self-Encouragement by Self-Suggestion, Change the Thought - Change the Man, The Paralysis of Fear, Getting in Tune, A New Way of Bringing Up Children, Training for Longevity, As A Man Thinketh, Etc. 339 pgs. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-311-0. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
My Method
by Emile Coué. Autosuggestion Disconcerting in its Simplicity, Slaves of Suggestion and Masters of Ourselves, Dominance of the Imagination over the Will, The Moral Factor in all Disease, Don't Concentrate, How to Banish Pain, Psychic Culture as Necessary as Physical, Self-Mastery Means Health, Etc. 97 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-147-9. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
On The Open Road
By Ralph Waldo Trine. "To realize always clearly that thoughts are forces, that like creates like and like attracts like, and that to determine one's thinking therefore is to determine his life." 65 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-252-1. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Positive Thoughts Attract Success
by Mary A. Dodson and Ella E. Dodson. "Unless We Can Do The Work Better, We Have No Right To Find Fault When Another Does It." "I Am a Holy Temple, and Send Out Love and Good To All The World." "What You Accomplish is Often Determined by What You Attempt." "I will Develop a Powerful Personality." Etc. 64 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-299-8. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Personality: Its Cultivation and Power and How to Attain
Personality: Its Cultivation and Power and How to Attain by Lily L. Allen. Personality, Right Belief, Self-Knowledge, Intuition, Decision and Promptness, Self-Trust, Thoroughness, Manners, Physical Culture, Mental, Moral, and Spiritual Culture, Introspection, Emancipation, Self-Development, Self-Control and Mental Poise, Liberty, Transformation, Balance, Meditation and Concentration. 170 pages. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-218-1.
$ 18.00
Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion
by Emile Coue. Self Mastery Through Autosuggestion, Thoughts and Precepts, What Autosuggestion Can Do, Education as it Ought to Be, A Survey of the "Seances", the Miracle Within, Everything for Everyone, Etc. 93 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-095-2.
$ 10.00
The Optimistic Life
by Orison Swett Marden. The Power of Amiability, The Inner Life as Related to Outward Beauty, The Value of Friends, The Cost of an Explosive Temper, Learn to Expect a Great Deal of Life, Mental Power, If You Can Talk Well, Brevity and Directness, What Distinguishes Work From Drudgery, Keeping Fit for Work, Mastering Moods, Business Integrity, Wresting Triumphant From Defeat, Freshness in Work, Don't Take Your Business Troubles Home, Let It Go, Etc! 316 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-351-X. (ISBN: 978-0-89540-351-3).
$ 28.00
The Science of Getting Rich
(or Financial Success Through Creative Thought) by Wallace D. Wattles. The Right to be Rich, There is a Science to Getting Rich, How Riches Come to You, Thinking in a Certain Way, How to Use the Will, Efficient Action, Getting into the Right Business, Etc. . 157 pgs. paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-300-5. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Thinking for Results
THINKING FOR RESULTS by Christian D. Larson. That man can change himself, improve himself, recreate himself, control his environment, and master his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought in constructive action. In fact, it is the conviction of all such minds that man can do practically anything within the possibilities of the human domain when he knows how to think, and that he can secure almost any result desired when he learns how to think for results. 132 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-381-1.
$ 12.00
This Mystical Life of Ours
A Book of Suggestive Thoughts for Each Week Through the Year by Ralph Waldo Trine. The Creative Power of Thought, The Laws of Attraction, Prosperity, and Habit- Forming, Faith and Prayer - Their Nature, Self-Mastery, Thoughts are Forces, How We Attract Success or Failure, The Secret and Power of Love, Will - The Human and The Divine, The Secret of the Highest Power, Wisdom or Interior Illumination, How Mind Builds Body, Intuition: The Voice of the Soul, To Be at Peace, Etc! 190 pgs. 5x8. paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-279-3.
$ 17.00
Thought Forces
THOUGHT FORCES by Prentice Mulford. Chapters include: Co-operation of Thought, Some Practical Mental Recipes, The Drawing Power of Mind, Buried Talents, The Necessity of Riches, The Uses of Sickness, The Doctor Within, Mental Medicine, The Use and Necessity of Recreation, The Art of Forgetting, Cultivate Repose, Love Thyself. 172 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-144-4. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
The Victorious Attitude
by Orison Swett Marden. The Victorious Attitude, Making Dreams Come True, Making Yourself a Prosperity Magnet, The Triumph of Health Ideals, How to Make the Brain Work for Us During Sleep, Preparing the Mind for Sleep, How to Stay Young, Our Oneness With Infinite Life, Etc! 358 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-353-6. (ISBN-13: 978-0-89540-353-7).
$ 32.00
Visualization and Concentration: How to Choose a Career
By Fenwicke L. Holmes. The Creative Power of Mind, Metaphysics and Psychology, Mental Telepathy, Visualization and Dramatization, Concentration How to Choose a Career. 62 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-214-9. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
What Right Thinking Will Do
WHAT RIGHT THINKING WILL DO by Christian D. Larson. Whenever we think, we form a mental image of that about which we are thinking; or we may speak of it as a mental picture; and in the science of right thinking, the question is, what kind of mental pictures or images we shall form, because we understand the fact that every mental image becomes a pattern in the mind, and the creative energies of the mind will produce states, conditions, and qualities that correspond exactly with the mental image. 50 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-386-2.
$ 7.50
The Will to Be Well
By Charles Brodie Patterson. The Unity of Life, The Law of Attraction, Mental Influences, The Laws of Health, Spiritual Treatment, The Life of Power, The Way of Salvation, The Spirit of Praise, The Dawn of a New Age, Health of Mind and Body, Etc. 255 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-275-0.
$ 20.00
You Can, But Will You?
by Orison Swett Marden. The Magic Mirror, The New Philosophy of Life, Connecting With the Power that Creates, You Can, But Will You?, How Do You Stand With Yourself? The New Philosophy in Business, What Are You Thinking?, Facing Life the Right Way, How to Realize Your Ambition, The Open Door, Do You Carry Victory in Your Face? Etc. 338p. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-342-0.
$ 30.00
Your Forces and How to Use Them
by Christian D. Larson. How We Govern the Forces We Possess, The Use of Mind in Practical Action, Training the Subconscious for Special Results, How Man Becomes What He Thinks, He Can Who Thinks He Can, How We Secure What We Persistently Desire, Concentration and the Power of Suggestion, The Development of the Will, The Building of a Great Mind, How Character Determines Constructive Action, The Creative Forces in Man, Imagination and the Master Mind, Etc! 331 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-380-3. (Temporarily out-of-print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00