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Acres of Diamonds
By Russell H. Conwell. 71 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-418-4.ACRES OF DIAMONDS by Russell H. Conwell. Considered by many to be one of the finest speeches ever written, Acres of Diamonds is a lecture that Russell Conwell, founder of Temple University, delivered more than 6,000 times across the country.Through this lecture, Conwell debunks the idea that it is noble to be poor, an idea that far too many of us share. He illustrates that it is our duty as humans to use our gifts to honestly earn riches, because we can do more good with riches than without. 71 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-418-4.
$ 7.50
A Message to Garcia
By Elbert Hubbard. A Message to Garcia, The Boy from Missouri Valley, Help Yourself by Helping the House. "He was of big service to me in telling me the things I knew, but which I did not know I knew, until he told me." Thomas A. Edison. 50 pgs. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-305-6.
$ 5.50
Ambition and Success
by Orison Swett Marden. What is Ambition, The Satisfied Man, The Influence of Environment, Unworthy Ambitions,Ambition Knows No Age Limit, Make Your Life Count, Visualize Yourself in a Better Position, Thwarted Ambition, Why Don't You Begin? 75p. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-369-2.
$ 8.00
An Iron Will
by Orison Swett Marden. Training the Will, Mental Discipline, Conscious Power, Do You Believe in Yourself? Will Power in its Relation to Health and Disease, The Romance of Achievement Under Difficulties, Concentrated Energy, Staying Power, Persistent Purpose, Success Against Odds, Etc. 52 pgs. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-283-1. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
As a Man Thinketh
By James Allen. The "number one" inspirational book of all time. Chapters include: Thought and Character, Effect of Thought on Circumstances, Effect of Thought on Health and the Body, Thought and Purpose, The Thought-Factor in Achievement, Visions and Ideals, Serenity. 88 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-136-3. (Also available in Spanish)
$ 7.50
Being and Becoming-The Principles and Practices of the Science of the Spirit
By Fenwicke L. Holmes. Part 1: The Impersonal Mind, Becoming, Allowing Mind to Act, Unconscious Activity, The Great Law of Mind, The Law of Correspondence. Part 2: The Personal Spirit, The Purpose of Spirit, The Motive - Love, Making Our Unity, Love - The Healing Power, etc. 50 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-263-7. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Busted in Mexico
by Ann Palmer and Jessica Herman, Introduction by Jerry Apodoca, former Governor of New Mexico. One young woman's story of the devastating effects of the loss of liberty. A True Story, Introduction by Jerry Apodoca, former Governor of New Mexico. 48 pgs. 6x9. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-044-8.
$ 3.50
Character: The Grandest Thing in the World
by Orison Swett Marden. A Grand Character, The Light Bearers, The Great-Hearted, Intrepidity of Spirit, "A Fragment of the Rock of Ages," Etc. 55 pgs. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-297-1.
$ 8.00
Cheerfulness as a Life Power
by Orison Swett Marden. What Vanderbilt Paid for Twelve Laughs, The Cure for Americanitis, Oiling Your Business Machinery, Taking Your Fun Every Day as You Do Your Work, Finding What You Do Not Seek, Looking Pleasant - A Thing to be Worked From the Inside, The Sunshine Man. 79 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-363-3.
$ 7.50
Clairoyance and Clairaudience-Premonitions and Impressions
By Edward B. Warman, A.M. Clairvoyance or Telepathy, Does the Soul Leave the Body, A Word of Warning, Clairaudience, Premonitions and Impressions, A Premonition Foretold to Skeptics, Lincoln's Premonition, The "Still Small Voice." 51 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-284-X.
$ 5.00
Crystals and Their Use
A Study of At-One-Ment with the Mineral Kingdom by Page Bryant. Mineral Consciousness, Crystals and Their Use, Sacred Centers, Various Types of Crystals, The Amethyst, Crystal Gazing. 64 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-151-7. (Inquire as to price and availability.)
$ 0.00
Entering the Kingdom
The Soul's Great Need, The Competitive Laws and the Laws of Love, The Finding of a Principle, At Rest in the Kingdom, And All Things Added. 82 pgs. 5x8 Pbk, ISBN: 0-89540-226-2.
$ 8.00
Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success
Right Principles, Sound Methods, True Actions, True Speech, Equal Mindedness, Good Results. 53 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-327-7.
$ 7.50
From Passion to Peace
Passion, Aspiration, Temptation, Transmutation, Transcendence, Beatitude, Peace. 64 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-077-4. (Temporarily out-of-print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
The Inner Man
By Hanna Hurnard. A Parable, The Inner Man, Communication with the Heavenly World, The Soul of the Inner Man, The Garments of the Soul, Soul Disease and Soul Healing, The Soul's Psychic Powers, The Mystic Way. 108 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-256-4.
$ 9.00
Man: King of Mind, Body and Circumstance
The Inner World of Thoughts, The Outer World of Things, Habit: Its Slavery and Its Freedom, Bodily Conditions, Poverty, Man's Spiritual Dominion, Conquest: Not Resignation. 55 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-212-2.
$ 7.50
Not the Salary But the Opportunity
by Orison Swett Marden. Opportunity Not a Question of Dollars and Cents, The Salary Outside Your Pay Envelope, The Haggler for Salary Cheats Himself, The Boys Who Rise in the World, Striving for Excellence, Reputation Makes or Breaks, The Right Attitude of Mind, Failures Who Tried to Get Square With Their Employers. 96p. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-410-9.
$ 5.00
Out From the Heart
The Heart and the Life, The Nature of Power of Mind, Formation of Habit, Doing and Knowing, First Steps in the Higher Life, Mental Conditions and Their Effects, Exhortation. 54 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-228-9.
$ 7.50
Positive Thoughts Attract Success
by Mary A. Dodson and Ella E. Dodson. "Unless We Can Do The Work Better, We Have No Right To Find Fault When Another Does It." "I Am a Holy Temple, and Send Out Love and Good To All The World." "What You Accomplish is Often Determined by What You Attempt." "I will Develop a Powerful Personality." Etc. 64 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-299-8. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Prophecies of Great World Changes
compiled by George B. Brownell. World-War Prophecies, Coming Changes of Great Magnitude, False Christs, The New Heaven and the New Earth, The New Order and the Old, Etc. 31 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-176-2.
$ 4.00
Second Sight- A Study of Natural and Induced Clairvoyance
by Sepharial. The Scientific Position, Materials and Conditions, The Faculty of Seership, Preliminaries and Practice, Kinds of Visions, Obstacles and Clairvoyance, Symbolism, Allied Psychic Phases, Experience and Use. 96 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-205-X.
$ 8.50
Success Nuggets
by Orison Swett Marden. Chapters include: Does an Education Pay?, To Take the Drudgery Out of Your Occupation, Where Happiness is Found, Why He Was Not Promoted, Why They Are Poor, Why He Found Life Disappointing, If You Would Be Very Very Popular, What the World Wants, Don't Wait for Your Opportunity - Make It!, When is Success a Failure?, He Succeeded in Business but Failed as a Man Because..., Does a Vacation Pay?, What Message Does Your Success Bring?, The Time Will Come, etc! 76 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-354-4.
$ 7.50
The Great Pyramid
Its Construction, Symbolism, and Chronology by Basil Stewart. Construction and Astrological Features, Chart of World History, Missing Apex-stone, Who Built It? Plus Various Diagrams. 54 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-222-X.
$ 5.00
The Great Pyramid- Two Essays
Two Essays plus illustrations, one from The Reminder and the other from J.F. Rowney Press. Selections include: The Pyramid's Location and Constructional Features, Some of the Pyramid's Scientific Features, other Features of the Great Pyramid, Complete History of Mankind Represented in the Pyramid, The Shortening of Time, The Symbolism of the Passages and Chambers, Etc. 40 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-175-4.
$ 3.00
The Heart of New Thought
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Let the Past Go, The Sowing of the Seed, Thought Force, Opulence and Eternity, Morning Influences, The Philosophy of Happiness, Common Sense, Heredity and Invincibility, The Object of Life, Wisdom and Self Conquest, Concentration and Destiny, The Breath, Generosity and Balance, Etc! 92 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-268-8.
$ 10.00
The Human Soul in Sleeping, Waking and Dreaming
by F.W. Zeylmans van Emmichoven, M.D. What is the Soul?, Dreams, The Awakening of the Soul, Fears, Meditation, Concentration and Self Development, Etc. 24 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-177-0.
$ 4.00
The Law of Values
by Sepharial. General Principles, Planetary Values, Effects of Transits and Aspects, Sensitive Points, How to Invest, How to Average, Etc. 80 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-249-1. (Inquire as to price and availability)
$ 0.00
The Principals of Occult Healing
Edited by Mary Weeks Burnett, M.D. Occult Healing and Occultism, Healing and the Healing Intelligence. The Indestructible Self, Latent Powers of Matter, The Auras and the Ethers, Polarization, Music, Healing by Prayer, Angel or Deva Helpers, Thought Forms and Color in Healing, Magnetism - Mesmerism, Healing Miracles of the Christ, Etc. 135 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-072-3.
$ 9.00
The Religion of the Sikh Gurus
by Teja Singh, M.A. Teja Singh, formerly a professor of history at Khalsa College in Amritsar, outlines the foundation of history, tradition, ritual and principles which has kept disciples of the the Sikh religion strong and united into the present day. 30 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-173-8.
$ 3.50
The Second Coming of Christ
by Clarence Larkin. 71p. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-367-6. (Inquire as to price and availability.)
$ 0.00
Through the Gate of Good
The Gate and the Way, The Law and the Prophets, The Yoke and the Burden, The Word and the Doer, The Vine and the Branches, Salvation this Day. 66 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-216-5. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Utopia II: An Investigation Into the Kingdom of God
by John Schmidt. Why Utopia?, Mankind's Past, Present, and Future, A Sociological Look, A Political Look, An Economic Look, A Spiritual Look. 64 pgs. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-154-1. (Earth Changes)
$ 3.50
Why I Am a Baptist
by Clarence Larkin. 77p. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-407-9. (Inquire as to price and availability.)
$ 0.00
Yoga Philosophy and Practice
by Hari Prasad Shastri. History and Literature of Yoga, Epics and Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali, Philosophy of Yoga, Vedanta, Reason and Intuition, The Teacher (Guru), God and the World, The Nature of the Self, Ethics, Action (Karma), Death and Reincarnation, Liberation, The Practice of Yoga, Peace of Mind, True Self, Dream and Sleep, Vital Currents of the Body, OM, Posture, Pranayama (Control of the Vital Currents), Concentration, Liberation in Life, Common Sense Training, Illustrative Passages from the Literature of Yoga, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Glossary, Etc. 96 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-200-9. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00