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Featuring the works of Clarence Larkin and many others. This section covers many religions, both Western and Eastern.
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The Bible in India
Hindoo Origin of Hebrew and Christian Revelation Translated from La Bible Dans L'Inde by Louis Jacolliot. Zeus - Jezeus - Isis - Jesus, Moses Founds Hebrew Society on the Model of Egypt and India, The Hindoo Genesis, The Hindoo Trinity, Adima (In Sanscrit, The First Man), The Deluge According to the Maha-Barata, Massacre of all Male Children, Parable of the Fisherman, His Disiples Give Him The Name of Jezeus (Pure Essence), Hindoo Origin of the Christian Idea, Etc! 324 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-211-4.
$ 26.00
The Book of Revelation
by Clarence Larkin. The Things Which Though Hast Seen, The Things Which Are, The Things Which Shall be Hereafter, The Seven Seals, Trumpets, Personages, Vials, Dooms, New Things. Includes Numerous Illustrations, Charts, Maps, and Cuts. 210 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-303-X. (Inquire as to price and availability.)
$ 0.00
Christianity and Autosuggestion
by C. Harry Brooks and Rev. Ernest Charles. Autosuggestion and the Teachings of Christ, Faith and Autosuggestion. The Power Within, God and the Unconscious, Christian Specific Suggestion, Temptation, Etc. 158 pgs. 5x8. Pbk. ISBN: 0-89540-198-3. (Temporarily out of print. Sorry!)
$ 0.00
Dispensational Truth
God's Plan and Purpose in the Ages by Clarence Larkin. (Including 90 Illustrations by the Author!) The Prophetic Word, Pre-Millennialism, The Second Coming of Christ, The Present Evil World, The Dispensational Work of Christ and of the Holy Spirit, Jews, Gentiles, Church, King, Spirit World, Spiritualism, Ressurections, The Judgements, Satan, Antichrist, The Satanic Trinity, The Four Gospels, The Seven Churches, The Tribulation, Babylon the Great, Renovation of the Earth, The Covenants, The Mysteries, Types and Antitypes, The Three Trees, The Dispensational Teaching of the Great Pyramid, Scripture Numerics, The Signs of the Times, etc! 267 pgs. 8 1/2 x 11. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-388-9.
$ 35.00
The Human Soul in Sleeping, Waking and Dreaming
by F.W. Zeylmans van Emmichoven, M.D. What is the Soul?, Dreams, The Awakening of the Soul, Fears, Meditation, Concentration and Self Development, Etc. 24 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-177-0.
$ 0.00
The Inner Man
By Hanna Hurnard. A Parable, The Inner Man, Communication with the Heavenly World, The Soul of the Inner Man, The Garments of the Soul, Soul Disease and Soul Healing, The Soul's Psychic Powers, The Mystic Way. 108 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-256-4.
$ 9.00
Natural Law in the Spirit World
by Henry Drummond. Biogenesis, Degeneration, Growth, Death, Mortification, Eternal Life, Environment, Conformity to Type, Semi-Parasitism, Parasitism, Classification. 371 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-082-0. (Inquire as to price and availability.)
$ 0.00
The Religion of the Sikh Gurus
by Teja Singh, M.A. Teja Singh, formerly a professor of history at Khalsa College in Amritsar, outlines the foundation of history, tradition, ritual and principles which has kept disciples of the the Sikh religion strong and united into the present day. 30 pgs. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-173-8.
$ 3.50
The Second Coming of Christ
by Clarence Larkin. 71p. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-367-6. (Inquire as to price and availability.)
$ 0.00
Why I Am a Baptist
by Clarence Larkin. 77p. 5x8. Paperback. ISBN: 0-89540-407-9. (Inquire as to price and availability.)
$ 0.00