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 A Message to Garcia
 Above Life's Turmoil
 All These Things Added
 Ambition and Success
 An Iron Will
 As a Man Thinketh
 Being and Becoming-The Principles and Practices of the Science of the Spirit
 Byways of Blessedness
 Character: The Grandest Thing in the World
 Cheerfulness as a Life Power
 Christianity and Autosuggestion
 Christianity and Autosuggestion
 The Divine Companion
 Eight Pillars of Prosperity
 Entering the Kingdom
 Every Man a King or Might in Mind Mastery
 The Exceptional Employee
 Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success
 From Passion to Peace
 From Poverty to Power
 The Heart of New Thought
 He Can Who Thinks He Can
 How to Get What You Want
 How They Succeeded
 How to Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion
 The Inner Man
 In The Fire Of The Heart
 Man: King of Mind, Body and Circumstance
 The Mastery of Destiny
 Meditations-A Year Book
 The Miracle of Right Thought
 This Mystical Life of Ours
 Not the Salary But the Opportunity
 Out From the Heart
 Peace, Power and Plenty
 Positive Thoughts Attract Success
 Prosperity, How to Attract It
 Pushing to the Front Vol I
 Pushing to the Front. Vol II
 Pushing to the Front- Two Vol. Set
 Rising in the World
 The Science of Getting Rich
 Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion
 Selling Things
 Success, A Book of Ideals.....
 Success Fundamentals
 Success Nuggets
 The Success Process
 Through the Gate of Good
 Training for Efficency
 The Victorious Attitude
 Visualization and Concentration: How to Choose a Career
 The Way of Peace
 You Can, But Will You?
 The Bible in India
 The Book of Revelation
 The Buddha's Golden Path
 Busted in Mexico
 Bygone Beleiefs
 Child of the Sun: A Historical Novel
 Clairoyance and Clairaudience-Premonitions and Impressions
 Coming World Changes
 Crystals and Their Use
 Dispensational Truth
 Dreams: What They Are and What They Mean
 The Earth Changes Survival Handbook
 The Finer Forces in Diagnosis and Therapy
 Fixing America
 Gems of Mysticism
 The Great Pyramid
 The Great Pyramid- Two Essays
 Health and Spiritual Healing
 How to Read Character in Handwriting
 The Human Soul in Sleeping, Waking and Dreaming
 The Illuminoids-Secret Societies and Polictical Paranoia
 The Imitation of Buddah
 The Key to Magnetic Healing
 The Land of Enchantment fFrom Pike's Peak to the Pacific
 Man, Minerals, and Masters
 Maydays and Mermaids
 The Meaning of Dreams
 The Mysteries of Egypt
 The National Dream Book
 Natural Law in the Spirit World
 The New Age I-Ching
 Patience Worth-Pyschic Mysteries
 The Popular Practice of Yoga
 The Popular Practice of Yoga
 The Principals of Occult Healing
 Prophecies of Great World Changes
 The Religion of the Sikh Gurus
 Rolling Thunder: The Coming Earth Changes
 Second Sight- A Study of Natural and Induced Clairvoyance
 The Second Coming of Christ
 Secret Orders
 Sema-Kanda: Threshold Memories
 Utopia II: An Investigation Into the Kingdom of God
 What is Occultisim?
 Why I Am a Baptist
 The Will to Be Well
 Wisdom from Atlantis
 Yoga Philosophy and Practice
 Your Unseen Guide
 Alan Leo's Dictionary of Astrology
 A Beginner's Guide to Practical Astrology
 Astrology: How to Make and Read Your Own Horoscope
 The Bowl of Heaven
 Cherio's World Predictions
 Eclipses in Theory and Practice
 Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology
 Hebrew Astrology
 Influence of the Zodiac Upon Human Life
 The Law of Values
 Manual of Astrology
 Medical Astrology
 Raphael's Gude to Astrology
 The Silver Key: A Guide to Speculators
 The Solar Epoch-A New Astrological Thesis
 A Students' Text Book of Astrology
 What is Astrology?
 When Were You Born?